August 26th is the online release date for my first full-length album, "Mankind." Two or three weeks after that, I'll have an official album release party at Somewhere Loud with physical copies of the album. Between the online release and the album release party, I'll be getting the tracks up on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and other streaming and music purchasing sites. The physical copies of the album will be pretty dope! The first run of physical copies will be at a total of 500. Each of these copies will be signed by me :)

"Mankind" is a concept album about the discovery of the Voyager Golden Records by an alien civilization long after human extinction. Every song aims to capture and convey a specific human emotion or experience.

The Golden Record (Front and Back)
Don't know what the Voyager Golden Records are? Well, they are two identical records made of solid gold placed on the two Voyager spacecraft that are currently floating around at the outer limits of our solar system. These records contain songs and sounds that represent the experience of being a human on Earth. On the back of these records are detailed instructions on how to play the record, represented in symbols.

"Mankind" track list (not official order):

  1. Voyager
  2. Ascension
  3. Colosseum
  4. Himalayas
  5. DnB Punk
  6. Shipwreck
  7. Petrichor
  8. Nectar
  9. That Feeling
  10. Garuda

I've spent almost the last year working on this album, revising the songs as I've improved as a producer and introducing new techniques that I've encountered in tracks as a DJ. The whole time, I've been juggling my school and work responsibilities and sacrificing a lot of sleep to keep working on this project, and I know that you'll all be in love with the final product! You won't have to wait another year to get a new release from me though, because I'll be jumping right back into production mode as soon as it's done. Already have plans for an to release an EP before the end of the year. Need more festival tracks!

I'll have some kind of presale announcement on the physical copies. If you're in San Diego, you'll be able to pick a copy up at the album release party. If you're elsewhere, I'll have it mailed to you. But we'll talk more about that around August 26th!

- Tommy Maverick