Hey guys! I recently started working with Eventvibe, one of San Diego’s most reputable event companies, and I’m very excited about the future. It’s been an awesome experience so far, and it’s really cool having the opportunity to promote and eventually PERFORM alongside reputable headliners such as Gorgon City, the Chainsmokers, Porter Robinson, Passion Pit, GTA, and more! When I see the right show for me, you know that my promotion skills will be utilized to their fullest extent!

So with this new relationship with Eventvibe, I’ve decided that it’s time to really put some work into creating more content on the internet and cleaning up the content that I’ve already put up. My website is definitely pretty cool. I don’t know many DJs in San Diego with a website that looks as cool as mine! I’m going to upload more final mixdowns, set unfinished tracks to private, and MAYBE tweak my logo a little bit… This logo has been amazing and recognizable for the crowds I’ve played for, but I just think I can get it to be a little bit better! I’ve been working on new music, but I’m holding it back for after Halloween. A lot of my promotion power is going toward Eventvibe’s Halloween Music Festival, Heaven and Hell, which has Porter Robinson and Passion Pit headlining. It’s super important to be able to put your full effort toward promoting a new track, so I want to wait until after the event to put new music out.

I’m VERY excited about the rest of October and the whole of November. I’ve got an interview going up with EDM Identity (they’ve been waiting on  me to send them a mix to accompany the interview) and I’m working on getting featured on the Eventvibe podcast, EVmusic. This Friday, I’m playing a 3-hour set at BLVD63, a gigantic and luxurious apartment complex for San Diego State University students in their pool clubhouse. The party is American Horror Story themed, which means it’s probably gonna be packed haha I’ll be able to play a variety of music for them, blow their minds, and bring them to my future shows! We’ve got three whole hours, so I’m hoping to work it up from house all the way to some crazy dubstep and trap at the end. Basically, when the sun goes down, it’s going to turn into a madhouse! During the set, they’ll be having all sorts of cool stuff go down in the room. I hear that each part of the clubhouse will be designed to reflect a different season of American Horror Story… Sounds sick! As far as November goes, I’ve got gigs in the works all over San Diego, playing at least once a week, alternating through the age groups to stay fresh for everybody!

Let’s have an amazing October… Halloween will be freaking amazing for everyone, there’s so many cool events out there, but I know that I’ll be jamming out with Porter Robinson and Passion Pit :) I came in a little too late to get in the running for this show, but when Eventvibe’s next big event comes up, you know that I’ll be making a run for that main stage! :)