Chainsmokers Opening Set

Opening for the Chainsmokers was an amazing experience. I played the main stage from 6:00 to 7:10 followed by Matt DiMona, and Cheat Codes before the Chainsmokers took the stage. Look at all these pictures of the happy people who came out and danced! By the end of my set, there were already 1000 people inside the venue.


Their show was at Soma, San Diego’s ONLY all ages venue, which primarily focuses on putting on metalcore, punk, and ska shows (awesome stuff).┬áIt has been a dream of mine to perform on this stage since I started going at the age of 16… Never thought that I’d perform on it as a DJ though haha I had more guitar-centric music in mind.

All ages events are super important to have. There are some people who think that EDM is only for 18+ or 21+ or they don’t want to party with “the kids.” Well, I think those people lack the understanding of how becoming a fan of a genre actually happens… There are so many young people who love dance music but don’t have a place to go HEAR IT. If you don’t give people the chance to experience the genres they love, they’ll start to explore other ones that they CAN attend concerts for. That’s how a scene dies. All ages feeds the 18+ crowd and the 18+ crowd feeds the 21+ crowd. If you have a lack of supply or talented artists in any of these areas, you will see a decrease in attendance as time goes by. Everyone deserves to be able to see the artists that they love and dance music has a message that is appropriate for everyone: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Anyway, I’m really grateful to the Eventvibe team for giving me this opportunity to perform at such a great venue under such a big name. I really hope that one day, I get to play with the Chainsmokers again. They really put on a great show!