February 2016

February has been insane.

In just this month alone, I’ve direct opened for Firebeatz and shared the stage with Trippy Turtle as well Keys N Krates and Hermitude this past Sunday at the House of Blues! It was an insane experience, because the last time I was there, all I could think about was how sick it would be to perform there.

I had a 9pm set and had prepared a house set (trying to be a good opener), but right before I was about to go on stage and load my first song, Kyle, Eventvibe’s DJ Manager, asked me what I had prepared. When I told him, he said to change it up based on the crowd and start with some trap. I started with Silver by Medasin, and after that played some hip hop-ish kind of stuff, a little twerk, and moved into some bass house and cross genre stuff. The last track I played was “How Deep Is Your Love” (Goshfather x Jinco flip).

The crowd was super into the set all the way through and I was so stoked because I could hear them clapping when I waved and walked off the stage at the end of my set. My life ffels like a movie sometimes. Like, I was blown away that people actually recognized me from past gigs and wanted take pictures with me. I haven’t MADE IT yet, but where I am, I’ve got people that believe in what I’m doing and support me and actually want to come to my next show. I’ve played early time slots on side stages where it would only be a couple of my friends or sometimes not even one person there to hear my play… Now, I’m regularly playing in front of hundreds of people. ┬áIt’s so damn crazy and it just inspires me to work harder than ever before. I WILL NOT let down the people that have believed in me and helped me get here.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that’s been a part of the ride so far, especially my parents and the team at Eventvibe! There’s so many people that I’ve learned from during my time in the scene/industry. If you ever gave me a chance to be involved, bought a ticket from me, or even just gave me some advice or feedback, THANK YOU for that. It has all made me the DJ/promoter/producer/raver that I am today and I am dedicated to spending each day working to become better at all the things I do. One day, I’m gonna be playing those big ass festivals and touring and I hope you’ll still be down to rage with me :)

On Thursday, I’ll be playing my first gig outside of San Diego at one of my favorite venues, the Yost Theater thanks to the White Rabbit Group. Giraffage will be headlining and I’ll be bringing a groovy house music set!

I really can’t wait to see what March brings!