2017 Goals – NYE Recap

2016 was a crazy year. I opened for some of the biggest names in EDM, increased my reputation in the San Diego EDM scene, and closed it all out by playing direct support for Ghastly. In 2017, I’ve got some amazing stuff in the works. I’ll be releasing a new EP in the beginning of the year, playing direct support for Zomboy at Bassmnt Nightclub, and helping a group of upcoming artists along the path of reaching their own greatest potential. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

Here’s a clip from my direct support slot for Ghastly on NYE at Bassmnt Nightclub:

Some of my goals for 2017 are to perform at the San Diego County Fair, San Diego’s PRIDE Music Festival, and more of a stretch, KAABOO Music Festival, which is one of San Diego’s newer but most impressive festival events. I want to play outside of San Diego a lot more, so I’ll be looking to boost my social media following, get lots of press on my future releases, release the best music I can produce, forge meaningful relationships with event companies and promoters as far as I can, and expand on the power of my branding. I’m doing this all independently without a manager. And I’ll be releasing all of my future music on services like iTunes and Spotify (as well as many others) so even more people can reach it!